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"Our program is about opportunity, it's about second chances, it's about choosing to make a contribution to your family, to your community, and to the society at large. If you're a young person just trying to make it, "BECOME A HERO NOT A THUG" is about you!

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I'm LeRoy Minson and I've been working with and for young people for over twenty years now, and I know that not only have the rules of the playground changed, the physical playground has changed. A product of The Melrose Housing Projects in the South Bronx of New York City, I grew up in a time when gangs and gang violence were just emerging in a significant way onto the urban scene. However, there was still a fear of consequences and respect for authority amongst the majority mixed with a hard-core minority. Today, working in the Jersey City, New Jersey Public School System, it's easy to recognize that the hard-core minority is working hard to become the majority and respect has lost its true meaning. Unfortunately, those hard-core, trouble prone kids that we used to avoid are the new teen idols, the new heroes; and street justice has become the only justice.

Our purpose is to turn that trend around, to allow young people to see that a real hero is not a rapper with a gold chain, a glock or a nine, demanding respect from everybody, but giving none to anybody. A real hero earns your interest, your respect and your trust. A real hero can be an ordinary, everyday person, who impacts your life in a way you may not realize for years. Real heroes don't aim to be impressive, but they make an impression.

I hope that you will visit our pages often. Take a walk through the stories in our pictures section, visit some of our celebrities. Visit often and let us know what you're thinking. Your mind matters, build it!"

We believe in you…
…Believe in yourself!


LeRoy Minson, President

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