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Career Choices

Rev. Bill Minson: "Most people who wind up in juvenile hall or jail have chosen to be there, whether they realize it or not. The same way we can make good choices we can make bad ones. Bad ones threaten our ability to be good citizens and a desire to do good things. BECOME A HERO NOT A THUG is a chance for you to look at the world around you and discover some job you'd like to have or perhaps some business you'd like to start. Most important to your future plans is your education. This is where you begin to develop the skills that an employer will want to pay you for one day.

You have talent and gifts that you are born with, now they have to be developed so that they can play a part in you choosing your career path, your success path. As you are choosing remember one thing that's more important then any other, your potential for success is unlimited as long as you strive to succeed. There is no corporate CEO or President that hasn't been where you are. Every successful business man or woman has a story about how they almost didn't make it. It's tough to navigate your way through life but we have no choice. Either we choose a direction that will make our lives productive or we just follow someone and wind up saying one day, "what happened, how did I get here?Learn the process of making good decisions. You have an incredible mind and the ability to think. Think for yourself, choose for yourself, motivate yourself and succeed yourself. For every good idea you have about something you'll find someone who'll tell you why you can't do that. The real question is what are they doing? Your life is your own; make the good decisions that will make a difference in your life.

We want to introduce you to a variety of career choices for you to pick and choose, research and study. BECOME A HERO NOT A THUG honors the memory of those lost on September 11th, military, fire and law enforcement, those who have paid the ultimate price. We need good people to step into the shoes they all left behind. We need you to choose SUCCESS TUDAY for your life to be successful and productive tomorrow. Remember, for the world to become a better place for your family we need you to succeed and WE BELIEVE IN YOU! "-

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