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Conflict Resolution

Rev. Bill Minson: "Got a problem, get over it! That's right, the longer you hold on to a problem instead of resolving it, the bigger it becomes and that takes time away from "your" life. A lot of gang deaths we hear about are over turf, over territory, when these people "own" nothing and have no respect for anyone's life or property. This so-called territory is ripped freedom from the good citizens who live there. It is freedom ripped from your little brother or sister who can't play on the street because someone's grandmother was killed while sitting on the porch reading her bible. We can't have more thugs, bad guys, criminals…it can't be fashionable any longer, because kids don't know where to draw the line. We're drawing it for them. BECOME A HERO, NOT A THUG. The world needs everything you have to contribute.

When someone makes you angry, don't react. Think, replay, understand and then think about how you can resolve this. Then you don't have a problem with the person and the person has no problem with you. The way we're going to eventually stop war is by learning to communicate better with one another and be sure that everyone understands. Then you have respect, respect equals peace. It will take time and you can play a part. When problems pop up, and they will, figure out how you might be able to be the problem solver for that moment, for that situation. You will gain experience in learning how to achieve peace instead of the argument going on. These small things matter greatly in life and death situations many times.

We all make mistakes and will have to be forgiven for some things in our lives. So when someone does you wrong, look for an opportunity to forgive them (it's very good practice) and you will free yourself of the wasted energy of just being angry with someone.

If you're angry, be sure you understand that you "really" have a reason to be. That you're angry about something specific and understand what it is. Now, how can you get over it as quickly as possible? You are on the way to a productive life and you don't want the roadblock of anger to tie you up any more then it has to.

Let's see what some students from the West Valley Academy have to say about how you may solve problems that are confronting you.

If you would like to share with us how you resolved a particular situation, we'll consider you one of our heroes for taking time to prevent others having problems. Thanks for your time and remember we need you and WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

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