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Please Contribute

TUDAY stands for The Urban Domestic Affairs of the Young

You can help support our work with young people by making a tax-deductible charitable donation today.

Checks should be made payable to TUDAYWorks, a non-profit corporation. and mail it to:

P.O. Box 7222
Santa Monica, CA 90406

For more information, contact:
Rev. Bill Minson
Tel: 310.403.0400
Email: revbill@tuday.net


The greatest contribution and commitment you can make to this ministry today is finding an area of concern and need in society and giving your time to change things for the better. By committing 7 hours each week, 28 hours each month, simply 1 hour each day to some humanitarian service that will benefit our needy society. Contact your local Red Cross, Salvation Army, military, police and fire agencies; hospitals, schools and senior centers to find out how you can support them as a member of your community. It feels GOOD to give! We first asked for this in 1980 because it gives everyone a chance to give and we all need to! Remember the words, "Love one another."

As our work has increased through the years it has been difficult to do the research and development necessary to change education and societal conditions we've monitored for the last 25 years, in addition to offering a daily, non-stop ministry at the same time. This ministry has functioned on belief rather then a budget until this time. GOD has and continues to provide the leadership and needs of this ministry. GOD has used a very few loyal friends and supporters to help us achieve our goal of bringing "real" change to our disappointing educational opportunities offered youth and families. We are ready now!

Under the leadership of our President, LeRoy Minson we embark upon a program of affecting change where young people are faltering and healing people who are suffering. Our record is good but we intend to make it better by winning one young person, at a time, to believe in life and success rather then jail and death. Please pray for us to succeed. Any contribution from you is appreciated as we continue our journey.

GOD bless you, Rev. Bill

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