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How You Can Help

We are committed to awakening the positive energies of students, parents, educators and members of the business community, in order for students' opportunities to succeed in life. We would like to form a TUDAY Committee in your area. The TUDAY Committee consists of community people who have demonstrated a sincere effort to be involved in inspiring, informing and motivating students. Accordingly, we make available the following TUDAY seminars. Carefully selected guest speakers who are community leaders from a variety of fields are to present information on:

  • careers
  • communication skills
  • the value of education and personal life experience
  • the rewards of hard work and dedication to a given task

Become a Hero Not a Thug relies on the availability of media resources, the infusion of the TUDAY philosophy, the participation of parents, communities, business and the quality of Key Personnel

It is up to us to turn around drug abuse, suicide, illiteracy, teen pregnancies, dropouts and everything else attacking our youth. We begin by uplifting the self-esteem of each individual and help them understand they're important, they're needed, that they are America's solution. Some participants in TUDAY's programs have been singers Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson; Spencer Christian of Good Morning America; Oprah Winfrey; actors Louis Gossett, Jr. and John Forsythe; President Bill Clinton, and others.

If you would like Reverend Bill to visit your school, you may use our contact page or call (310) 398-5515. We greatly appreciate any donation to help support our infrastructure, no matter how big or small. We are also greatly appreciative of any volunteers that can donate their time

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