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Rev. Bill Minson: "There is an old saying that if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Every student, every young person that's not planning a productive future may one day be planning to rob you, your mom, dad, sister, brother or someone you love. We need good people, not thugs!

You may think you have a lot of time before "YOU" are the one responsible for paying bills. When your parents buy you new clothes, when it's time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, stop and think: Do you realize you're the one who'll have to bring home the groceries, pay a car note and handle a rent or mortgage one day?

That's why this site is here, because you've got to get involved in life to plan a future. We want to present options and directions for you to choose from. We want you to choose a path of success.

You're going to meet students and so-called friends who will try to lead you down a path that leads to juvenile hall or jail. That's not a very good future for you to choose, but it is a possibility if you don't have the courage to say NO when people offer you things that you don't feel good about. Your gut will always feel uneasy if something is wrong. Follow your gut feeling and eliminate taking a chance that might ruin your life.

The best friends you have are your parents, guardians and the educators in your schools who want to see you succeed. Your life is precious, your nation needs you and you have something to offer.

Prepare yourself for a successful life by getting involved in your class work, homework, community and in your home. Prepare to become a responsible adult by looking for opportunities to build your responsibility muscle at home now. The family will be surprised to see you mature and you'll be pleased that you're demonstrating how to make right decisions.

Make no mistake about it; the world needs "you" to BECOME A HERO, NOT A THUG.. Don't let your family down, don't let your educators and don't let your community down or the world down. Most importantly, don't let yourself down. Give us your best and your involvement will reward you with success."

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