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Little Richard and Mary Wilson with Rev. Bill - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson
Pictured here with the beautiful Mary Wilson of the Supremes

"You can't judge a book by it's cover". Who ever used those words must have been talking about America's treasure, Little Richard! You must be wondering what Little Richard and the circus have to do with one another. For true show biz sleuths this is a chance to find the answer to the question, "did Little Richard ever travel with the circus?" I did, actually I was blessed to sell Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus their first black act in 99 years. One day Richard and I were in his limo riding in Los Angeles and he said, "Bill, I have never seen anything like your life in all my years, ever." He was refering to the special relationship I have with GOD which defies how we proceed in life. Richard, since I met you years ago I have watched you pass out your books to tens of thousands of your fans. Each book is providing encouragement and a chance for salvation. To be in this photo with you and the beautiful Mary Wilson of the Supremes is another night of rare blessing for me.Your words when we met were, GOD blesses us to be a blessing", you have walked the walk in showing your genuine concern and kindness to those in need. GOD in loving a cheerful giver surely adores you. GOD bless you my friend and thank you for the years of entertainment you've given the world!

Ringling Audition - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson

Ringling LA - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson

Wilt Chamberlain with KC - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson

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