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Thanks Johnny Grant
& GOD Bless You
Halle Berry & Johnny Grant - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson
Those who enjoy Hollywood's Walk of Fame owe you a debt of gratitude which can not be repaid. Looking toward your 60th trip in serving the men and women of our US Military this December We salute you and thank GOD for you.
Johnny Grant, Hollywood's Honorary Mayor, explains proceedings to Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry as she prepares to receive her star on the Walk of Fame. Halle's star is in front of the Kodak Theater near Johnny Grants. Rev. Bill Minson, Executive director of the Congressional Entertainment Industries Caucus, speaking on behalf of Congresswoman Diane Watson looks on. (Photo by Stan Henderson)
Halle Berry with Rev. Bill - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson Congratulations Halle & GOD Bless You

My thanks to Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-33CA) for assigning me the honor of representing her at Halle Berry's installation to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Likewise my thanks to Johnny Grant for extending the invitation to us.

It was a pleasure meeting Samuel L. Jackson and his wife La Tonya, LA City Council President Eric Garcetti and others in attendance to honor you Halle, I have been praying for you through the years, you are such a treasure to us. Beyond the glitz and the glamour there is a life inside the beautiful exterior we all focus on. My prayers have been for that interior to be relieved, healed and nutured so that you have peace. To stand next to you for our brief moment in time is a memory I will always treasure, your inner beauty is dazzling. Your star in front of the theater where you received your Academy Award, wow! Don't wake up to fast Bill, it doesn't get too much better then this. It was an honor to meet your mom, we talked about a mother's prayers. I met Gabriel and thank him for his comments. What a gentlemen, GOD bless him for his love and support for you, see you at Cafe Fuego.Congratulations Halle and may GOD bless us to be the benenficiaries of your talent, dedication and service for decades to come.

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Jerry Lewis - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson

Spanning the Decades

Halle, as you see my career began with Jerry Lewis (I was seventeen here), an appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, where we held Johnny on a bike just like Jerry. Then there was a mentorship with Ed Sullivan, who wrote about me in his Daily News "On the Town" column. I've been blessed but standing with you and Johnny Grant just gave me more to thank GOD for.

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