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Weeping Jesus, Oklahoma City Memorial - TUDAY.NET - The Rev. Bill Minson JOINS 9/11 FAMILIES IN PILGRIMAGE OF SUPPORT
April 16, 2007-New York City- When Rev. Bill Minson, founder of TUDAY Ministries, departs New York for Oklahoma City this Wednesday April 18th it continues nearly six years of uninterrupted service providing spiritual care to 9/11, Oklahoma City, Katrina and military families. Minson last visited the Oklahoma City families for the tenth commemoration of the bombing attended by former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Dick Cheney. Minson began service as a Red Cross chaplain on September 13, 2001.

Recently appointed as executive director of the Congressional Entertainment Caucus by it's founder and chair, Congresswoman Diane Watson of California's 33rd district, Minson will join 9/11 family members and others in supporting family members of those who lost their loved ones in the bombing. Oklahoma City family members join 9/11 family members in New York each year offering support.

Rev. Minson comments, As we watch the number of deaths occurring in the war now we must remember the healing which is still taking place for all who have lost their loved ones in acts of violence. Whether the Oklahoma City bombing, WTC, 9/11 attacks, Katrina or the war, our families are suffering. We must increase our stream of prayer and our desire to be more engaged in taking positive action which can make a difference in the hope all people have for the future. I am honored and blessed to join with 9/11 family members as they look beyond their pain and embrace our brothers and sisters in need, concludes Rev. Bill.

"At 12 noon each day we ask, prayamericapray? For our military, first responders, government leaders and people recoving for acts of violence. We care about the homeless, the desitude and down hearted and our prayers will continue for all in need. We believe that "with GOD all things are possible". We will see a restored America in the coming years and we must all be part of it. Pray America, Pray, states Rev. Bill.


911 Oklahoma Families Embrace Virginia Tech

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