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Ground Zero Chaplain Challenges Teens To Value Life

Become A Hero! Not A Thug - At the 20th National Conference on Preventing Crime in the Black Community

Los Angeles, CA 5.12.2005 - Hundreds of teenagers from across America will receive a challenge to truly "value" their lives when Reverend Bill Minson delivers the keynote address, "Become A Hero! Not A Thug: Outliving The Violence" during the Teen Luncheon, Friday June 3rd at 12:15 p.m. in Ballroom B of the Tampa Convention Center located at 333 South Franklin Street, Tampa, Florida. Approximately 600 teen participants and chaperons will attend the Luncheon.

Rev. Bill is founder of TUDAY (The Urban Domestic Affairs of the Young) Ministries and chaplain to families and others affected by the events of September 11, 2001. Rev. Bill comments, "On September 11th we lost so many good Americans in the attacks. Whether in Pennsylvania, Arlington, VA or New York City we lost people who not only contributed to their loved ones but to our nation. We need young people to prepare themselves to be contributors to our society. Across the nation young people are facing tremendous challenges just in getting their education; many can't even walk to their schools without fear of violence on the way", he concludes.

In delivering his keynote address Rev. Bill will remind young people that their opportunities to achieve success are unlimited based on the work ethic they develop and their desire to succeed gives them. He will remind them of the necessity to VALUE THEIR LIVES! He will also remind them that they have the opportunity to fulfill dreams that others didn't get a chance to achieve.

Rev. Bill's work with young people began in 1979 when he became a consultant to the Superintendent of Baltimore City Schools, beginning his SUCCESS TUDAY programs to inspire, inform and motivate young people to succeed in life. He later became a consultant to Superintendents of Los Angeles and New York City Schools. Oprah Winfrey, President Bill Clinton, John Forsythe and many others have met young people during SUCCESS TUDAY programs.

Rev. Bill's arrival in Tampa follows seven days at Ground Zero in New York, May 25-June1, bringing 9/11 family members together with members of the US Military during "Fleet Week" where he will be offering daily prayers at 12 noon for the military and first responders throughout the nation. Pray America Pray at 12 noon everyday for the military, first responders and those healing from terrorist acts.

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